“I Apologize!” – New Sunday Morning Bible Study
Beginning September 11
Jesus calls us to be his living witnesses and lights in a world that is getting darker and more loveless each passing day. We’re called to “give a reason for the hope we have…with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter) but when friends, relatives or neighbors question or criticize our faith we feel the tension between backing down and saying nothing or exploding into an argument. Join us September 11 as we begin a new study called, “I Apologize!” Defending the Faith. We’ll teach you how our faith, though trusting in what we cannot see, is not blind. And how science, facts and truth are actually used to defend Christ and his Word and handle objections against Christianity. We meet in the fellowship hall from 9:30-10:15. As always, no prior knowledge or participation is required…just being open to learning and growing further into God’ Word and deeper into his love. Contact Pastor Zimpelmann or Harbach if you’re looking for more info.   
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