God & Me – Monday Evenings at 6:30pm
Beginning September 19
As your Fall Schedule begins to take shape, make a resolution to be closer to God this year. Beginning Monday, September 19 a new “God and Me” class will explore the basic truths of the Bible and briefly compare some simple differences between religions and various Christian denominations. Most importantly, it answers questions every person needs to know in life…who am I?…what’s my purpose in life?…how can I get to heaven?…how can I be certain I am loved and forgiven?…how does the Bible apply to me?
This class can serve as a membership class or simply a wonderful spiritual refresher and a further step to understanding God and self. Either way, you will enjoy this course because here’s our guarantee: There are no strings attached and there is no cost – all materials and childcare are provided. If after 2-3 weeks you decide to step away, you won’t be made to defend your decision to do so. As the Fall schedule and school year begins, maybe you will consider growing closer to the God who loves you so much! CLICK HERE, To learn more or register. Also, we are living at a time where we need to bring God’s Word to people one by one. It’s fascinating that right now people seem to be more willing accept an invitation to come to a class like “God and Me” than come for worship. So think and pray about someone who you know that needs God’s grace and might consider learning more through a friendly invite. Talk to Pastors Harbach or Zimpelmann with any questions.
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