“God & Me”

What does the Bible Say?

Learning more about God’s Word and my life


God & Me Class: Does the bible really say…

  • That Christianity is the ONLY way to God?
  • That Jesus actually claimed to BE God?
  • That there are meaningful differences between all Christian churches?
  • That God has expectations and promises for me and my life?
  • That God has important and relevant information about marriage, morality, government, money?


And we’re just scratching the surface…


What is “God & Me”?  It’s a class we host twice a year at St. John’s. It’s an excellent  spiritual refresher for long-time members as well as the perfect Bible 101 class for beginners or those who simply want to know more about the bible, our church, or are interested in membership; and the class is usually a good mix of both. The course covers the basic teachings of the Bible and provides opportunities to answer any and all questions you might have.


Our Promise to you: We promise that you will never be made to feel silly or foolish for any question you ask.  We promise never to put you on the spot.  We use pre-printed materials and references so that you don’t have to worry about trying to find your way in the Bible.  We promise there are no strings attached: feel free to “try it before you buy it” – pop in for a week or to and decide if this is or isn’t something for you.  We promise you won’t be made to defend your reason for wanting to step away if you choose.  And the best part is that God is the one who promises to bless you when you spend time in His Word!


Bonus: There’s no cost to the class. There’s hot coffee and snacks provided. And there’s free childcare for those who need it.


Want to know more register for our next session? Please contact our office or our Pastor if you’re interested or have other questions.  Click the “Register Here” button below.


*Next session starts January 22nd – Monday Nights at 6:30pm